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EurIndia Project official logo in different formats
“Textiel kwam vroeger ook uit Azië” Radio Vlaanderen Internationgel RVI, October 2005
Communiqué de Presse EURINDIA du 23 mars 2006
Communiqué de Presse EURINDIA du 28 juillet 2005
Eurindia in the Workshp Report 13-14 December 2005, New Delhi
Eurindia in “Libertà”, 28th January 2005, Piacenza, Italy
Press release on Eurindia on 23rd March 2006
Press release on Eurindia on 31st May 2006
Communiqué de Presse sur Eurindia du 21 décembre 2004
Presentation of Eurindia Project during a Conference in Ghent on June 2005
EU-India Cross Cultural Week
Exhibition on Cross-Cultural Preservation, Delhi September 2005
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