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Missions | Public results
13th- 24th December 2006
Hervé Hote, Research Mission to take picture of Private collection to improve Eurindia Visibility and enlargement to private collections.
Not yet available
Novembre 2006
One -4 days Course on Information Technologies : 'digitisation of documents and dissemination on th Internet" at CCL on Novembre 2006 by G. Le Guen and S. ipert.
Not yet available
October 2006
a 2-day seminar on method for the preservation of an ancient collection, by Mrs Dureau (expert sent by CCL) in Kerala at the SEERI on October 2006
Not yet available
October 2006
a 4-day course on the Hosten collection : diagnosis of what to do to protect and value this collection kept in the theological Institute, at Vidyajyoti Theological Institute of Delhi, India - Oct 06, by JM Dureau.
Not yet available
September 26th to 28th, 2006
One seminar on Disaster planning in Arles from September 26th to 28th, 2006 on Prevention and intervention in case of disaster, By Laure Méric, expert in biology, preventive preservation and et interventions in case of disasters.
Not yet available
July 2006
Jean-Marie Lafont, Expert at Delhi University Research mission at The Historical Archives of Goa and at XAVIER CENTRE of HISTORICAL RESEARCH (XCHR).
Not yet available
June-September 2006
Research mission related to activity 9 in Amsterdam and other places in Europe by Om Prakash, Prof. At the Economics School of Delhi University. Preparation of his Publication on Dutch archives and Inventory.
Not yet available
2nd June 2006
Stéphane Ipert, Centre de Conservation du Livre, one coursein Aix-en-Provence, Cité du Livre (ENSSIB) for public domain collections curators
Not yet available
17th to 24th April 2006
Arvind Sinha, Research felow at Delhi University,
Research mission in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
April 2006
Jeanne-marie Dureau, Archivist – Repository inventory at Archives Municipales de Lyon, France.
Not yet available
16th December 2005
Stephane Ipert, CCL Director, A training mission on "Artefacts Conservation and Laws" at The Governement Museum of Chennai, India
21st-26th November 2005
Olivier Justafré, Expert in Book restoration, Training mission on Book bending at Punjab State Archives, India
October to November 2005
Arvind Sinha, Research fellow at Delhi University, Research mission in France
19th October 2005
Hervé Chéradame, Expert in conservation, A training mission on "Mass Deacidification of books and documents" at the National Museum of Delhi
September 2005
Jeanne-Marie Dureau, Expert on prevention policies, One week training mission on prevention policies at Punjab State Archives, India
May to August 2005
Om Prakash, Prof. at the Economics School of Delhi University, in Amsterdam and France
May 2005
Arvind Sinha, research fellow at Delhi University, Pondicherry and Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
January 2005
Dhir Saranghi, Research fellow from Delhi University in France
2004 - 2005
Ghent University Mission in European Sites
December 2004
Research Mission in Cochin – Bombay by Bruno Marty, From CCL.
Not yet available
Seminars | Public results
10th March 2006
Annual Conference of Belgian Indologist, in Ghent, Belgium
18th-20th December 2005
Seminar on "Textiles and the World Economy, 1500-1820", in Pune, India. With experts from Europe, India and the USA
10th June 2005
Conference at Ghent University on digitisation. Presentation of EurIndia activities through posters
6th June 2005
Expert seminar on "Indiennes Fabrics: an example of cultural merchandising", in Marseille, France. With experts from Europe and India
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