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This section is divided into two sub-sections: News and Events.

News may be either related to the EurIndia project (clearly distinguishable with a green background), or even related to the main subjects studied within the project itself: namely the history of map drawing and textile commerce in India from the 15th century to present time.

Similarly, all the Events organised in the EurIndia project are characterised by an orange background.


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News Archive
November 2006
Vidyajyoti Insitute of religious studies, Delhi (IN)
Mrs Dureau, expert for CCL
Inventory and classification of Père Von Ploeg’s collection.
November 2006
At Delhi Government Museum, India
Mrs Dureau, expert for CCL
Conference on examples of international cooperations in the field of manuscripts conservation.
November 2006
At SEERI, Kerala, India
Mrs Dureau, expert for CCL
2-3 day seminar on the management of ancient collections of manuscripts.
July 2006
Goa Statae Archives and Xavier Centre of Historical Research in Goa , India
Jean-Marie Lafont, Prof. From Delhi University
Research Mission
From June to Septembre 2006
Amsterdam, Paris and Lisbon
Prof. Om Prakash, from Delhi University
Research mission
2nd June 2006
ENSSIB, France
Stéphane IPert, CCL
Course on conservation of collection from public domain.
(see section public results)
17th to 24th April 2006
Tamil Nadu Archives,
Chennai, India
Arvind Sinha, research felow
from Delhi University
18th January 2006
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Piacenza, Italy
Press conference related to Eurindia project activities.
(Images ZIP 5.24MB)
18th-20th December 2005
Pune, India
GEHN - Global Economic Historic Network
International conference on textile trade
18th-16th November 2005
Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Mr. Olivier Justafré,
Expert Restoration
Training on Book Bending at Punjab State Archives
26th October-28th November
Paris, Ghent and
Arvind Sinha, research Felow from Delhi University
Reseach mission on Indian archives
19th October 2005
National Museum of Delhi,
Prof. Hervé Cheradame
Lecture on « Mass deacidification of books and documents »
(Images ZIP 236KB)
October 2005
Gent, Belgium
Eurindia partners
Eurindia Technical meeting
September 2005
Chandigarh - Punjab, India
Mrs Jeanne-Marie Dureau
Training on Preservation at Punjab State Archives
1st-15th June
Arles, France
Mrs Parminder Kaur, Punjab State Archives
Training on preservation in CCL
26th May 2005
Marseille, France
EurIndia Project
Press release
en (pdf - 1210 KB)
fr (pdf - 1101 KB)
1st May-June 2005
Pondichery, India
Arvind Sinha, University of Delhi
Research mission on French Trade Textile
2nd May 2005
EurIndia Project
The project website is now available also in Italian.
27th April 2005
EurIndia Project
The project website is now available also in French.
21st December 2004
Arles, France
Centre de Conservation du Livre
Press release
en (pdf - 247 KB)
fr (pdf - 229 KB)
29th November 2004
EurIndia Project
The EurIndia website is now online. Enjoy your visit!

7th-27th December 2006
New Delhi, India
"Lost Palaces of Delhi" - An Exhibition of Photo-Prints of Rare 18th Century Paintings from the Gentil Collection
15th-16th September 2006
Lisboa, Portugal
From 15th September 2006
Nationale Archives de Torro de Tombo and Museu Nacional de Arte Antigua,
Lisbon, Portugal
Eurindia Traveling Exhibition, Eurindia International Congress and partner meeting
July 2006
Xavier Centre of Historical Research,
Goa, India
Eurindia Travelling exhibition
19th to 30th June 2006
Punjab State Archives in Chandigarh,
Eurindia Travelling exhibition
15th to 20th May 2006
CAOM, Aix-en-Provence, France
Eurindia traveling exhibition
10th March 2006
Royal Academie for Dutch Linguistics and Literature, Ghent, Belgium
Eurindia Traveling Exhibition,
during Annual seminar of Indologists
(Images ZIP 205KB)
mid-February 2006
North Zone Cultural Centre in the Sheesh Mahal, Punjab, India
Eurindia Exhibitionand partner meeting
15th December-end December
University of Piacenza, Italy
Eurindia Traveling Exhibition
17th-19th December
GHEN international conférence in Pune, India
Eurindia Traveling Exhibition
12th-14th December
Indian Delégation Internationa Workshop, Delhi India
Eurindia Traveling Exhibition
6th-end November
Alliance Française in Delhi, India
Eurindia Traveling Exhibition
21st October-5th of November
British Council, Hyderabad, India
Eurindia Traveling Exhibition
6th October-end of November
Library of the University of Gent, Belgium
EurIndia Exhibition: "Cotton & Company"
15th September 2005
National Archives of Torro de Tombo, Lisbon, Portugal
Meeting on Eurindia Congress and Exhibition in 2006
10th-11th September 2005
British Council courtyard - Delhi, India
EurIndia Travelling Exhibition Inauguration
10th June 2005
Universty of Gent, Belgium
Conference on digitalisation
6th June 2005
Musée du Terroir Marseillais - Marseille, France
Expert Seminar on Indienne fabrics: an example of Cultural merchandising
2nd-3rd June 2005
Marseille, France
EurIndia partners meeting - view Image
17th May 2005
Den Hague, The Netherlands
EurIndia technical meeting
9th May 2005
Piacenza, Italy
Meeting between CCL, UCSC and University of Gent on EurIndia Website
13rd December 2004
New Delhi, India
EurIndia partners meeting - view Image
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